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laura hoch won best of the best female musician

The readers of Dan’s Paper’s have voted Laura Hoch of The Second Hands, Best of the Best female musician for the third year in a row… Congratulations to Laura and The Second Hands.    


Cracking Eggs

We are two musicians fused together in New York.  We come both from different backgrounds with different ideas about song,  and we are settled on trying hard to make some beauty in our particular chaos.

I’ve come to see our picture as our self painted Pollock version of life… the chaos of a life filled with plenty of love, but plenty of anxiety as well.

We dream that we, committed to a truly responsible life, can still live our lives FREE.  Free to pursue what we know we were meant to do..sing our lovely songs for the world and make our mortgage payment doing so.

How can we expect to make  living making music?

Why would I even ask that?

Because…this is us now.


 We have 3 wonderful, inspiring, beautiful youngsters- 2 of whom are not pictured here, but are sitting on the lawn at our feet.  We have 1 home with an endless list of projects and problems, we have 2 jobs (weekends, late nights), 1 dog, 1 cat , 1 record, a calendar spotted with gigs in random and eclectic places, and a colorful history of travel, arguments, temper tantrums,antics, and so much more stress and love than could ever be put into words.

We’ve come bungling into shows, hissing orders at the kids and each other in between sets, and relying on sweet ice cream and grandparents to get through the show.

And when the kids aren’t there…we have ourselves to discipline- because we are worn out through and through.

But what’s even more amazing is that we have this belief that we can do this, and do this better than we’ve been doing so far.

It’s not easy to make your way in art and music at any point in your life.  Without either dumb luck, mind blowing talent, or tenacity, your just doing something on the weekends.

At least for us, we want to raise our children, not have them bumping along in the back of the wagon like a bunch of child roadies (as if they would, I can’t even get my 10 year old daughter to pick up her dirty clothes let alone an amp).

We’ve been trying to balance the ambition with reality, but it’s getting rough- we are starting to settle in and it’s making us feel trapped.  We’ve crumpled in exhaustion on the couch after working and getting everyone/everything on track, and just couldn’t get down on a song.  A movie maybe…some Chinese food…definitely, but picking out harmonies just feels so much harder now.  My ear so much more attuned to the sound a snore makes when your head hangs straight back.

It struck us that we were giving up.  We were bearing down on a life of past hopes, and the current ones just aren’t…us.

Thinking about perhaps opening a new business in the construction trade, or landing that real estate license…and the record scratches and we startle to think…wait…what did I just say I wanted to do? I don’t want that at all. Not that those are bad things to be, just not me.  Not we.

Am I actually having a fantasy right now of us on a cruise when we are retired?

There is reality to face of course, mouths to feed, bills to pay.

So, we can’t just strike out, quit our jobs, sell our homes and take the kids to the glittering and dirty streets of rock and roll. Well, I guess we COULD, but we won’t. Besides, we do more folk now anyway.

And please don’t get me wrong, having kids and responsibilities ISN’T why we AREN’T full time musicians .  Having kids and a life together is everything that makes life worth living.  There are so many different factors that go into doing what you love and most of them have to do with that leap into risk. Measured and calculated, but bold and brave…risk. And commitment, and faith, and many more things I can’t even imagine. But it has really nothing to do with other people, it’s just a set of lackluster choices holding us back- better known as fear.

But it doesn’t mean we can’t do our thing and do it well.  And we can see where doing that- if we do…will lead us. Being chaotic doesn’t mean you don’t have great things to say and do… so here’s a blog of our path and a litany of our stumbles.

Enjoy the mess…


The Second Hands made a baby

We took a short break from performing, but we’re back with a new member of our family.  Evangeline Scout Schroeder was born this past September and has been keeping us up day and night, but we’re ready to get back performing and writing.  Stay tuned for show dates


check out the second hands in LI pulse magazine this month!

LI Pulse
The Second Hands

Don’t forget to check your favorite little folk duo in the east… The Second Hands.   Long Island Pulse Magazine wrote a great article about us and we want to share it with you. So… READ IT!  Pick it up at a news stand or check it out online (click the pic)


WPKN radio interview this Saturday!

The Second Hands will be sitting down with Caroline Doctorow this Saturday at 7pm and talking about music! Their music, the music they love  and a whole bunch of other things.  Be sure to tune in… 89.5 in southern CT and Long Island or at WWW.WPKN.ORG



Not only can you listen to The Second Hands on I-tunes, Spotify, Pandora… You can now listen to their full length debut, EP or whatever else you wanna call it on Grooveshark. Just type in The Second Hands, click and enjoy.



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Laura Hoch nominated for best female musician by Dan’s Papers

Second Hands’ very own Laura Hoch was nominated for best female musician by Dan’s Papers this past week. You can still vote at Vote now!



‘Second Hands’ are very excited to be opening for ‘The Dirt Farmers Band’. Levon’s daughter Amy Helm and Larry Campbell front the incredible band that backed the late and infinitely great Levon Helm. It is truly an honor to be sharing the stage with these fine musicians. This event (that is not to be missed) will be held at Peconic Bay Winery August 19th.



We had a good time on Bonnie Grice’s show this morning and hope y’all got to hear it.   If you didn’t you can read an article about us on The Suffolk Times website at  Gianna Volpe did us justice by writing an awesome article about us promoting our music and our cd release show this Friday, so check it out!